Zeenat Mahal

Day 26 of #AtoZChallenge

I found this amazing author just last year and can’t stop thanking Google and Amazon since then. I was so in love with her books, that I knew the last letter of this #AtoZChallenge has to be reserved for her. I picked one of her books, Haveli, as a light read after a particularly hectic day at work and finished it in one go, smiling and enjoying myself throughout. After Haveli, I read four of her books back to back. I think that explains a lot.

Zeenat Mahal’s stories are simple. Nothing that you have not heard earlier. Even predictable. But what makes them special is her absolutely amazing writing style. It’s like that “dal-tadka”. Everyone has eaten “dal-tadka”, but somebody adds a special touch to this plain commonplace recipe and you want to devour only that “dal-tadka” time and again. Zeenat Mahal adds that special “tadka” to the simplistic stories and makes them sumptuous. 

The writing style is superbly witty with crisp sentences and perfectly timed one-liners. None of those long literary drab conversations. Her characters are hand-picked from our daily lives and yet sound so desirable. The situations are often depicted dramatically, soap-opera style slightly over the top sometimes. And there is always an undercurrent of romance brewing in the background, not to forget the comical situations these characters land up in. The girls in her stories are lovable and the guys are handsome and elegant. 

Zeenat Mahal books may not qualify as literary masterpieces that could sit proudly on your bookshelf. Her books will be lying somewhere in the last row out of view. But you would want to pick one of them lovingly, once in a while during a lazy weekend or on a night when you can't sleep to make you smile throughout the read. 

About the Author: Zeenat Mahal is a TOP 10 bestselling romance author. She has an 
MPhil in English literature and an MFA in creative writing from Kingston University, London. She loves travelling, art, musicals, classics and all sorts of museums. (Source: Goodreads.com)

Books by Zeenat Mahal

The Accidental Fiancee

Twice Upon a Time (Two Novellas)

The Walled City (A Short Story)


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