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An Ode to the Wordsmiths!

This story was originally narrated by the author at a storytelling event "Unsung Heroes" . What is writing? A logical answer would state that it’s nothing more than permutation and combination of 26 letters. Alphabets forming a word, words forming a sentence, sentences forming a paragraph. Yet, you sitting and reading this, and me hoping that you like what you're reading, are some among the few who would agree that writing is so much more than that. A bunch of paper with those permutation and combinations of  26 letters made me who I am today. 

Unsung Heroes- A StoryTelling Event Celebrating the Real Life Heroes

Inspiration comes in different forms. It can come in the form of friends who refuse to leave your side even in the darkest of times or it can come as an 8-year-old who did not let a deadly disease kill her spirit. This inspiration, in various forms, is all around us. But we seldom show our gratitude towards the source of inspiration that keeps us going. So when Kaffienated Konversations and Just Story Teller gave a platform to young writers and speakers to show gratitude towards their Unsung Heroes, they readily grabbed the opportunity and told stories that touched hearts. 

#Nirbhaya- Age is a state of mind- UC We-Media

What should define a juvenile? A number called age? But then isn't age just a state of mind. One of the accused in #Nirbhaya rape and murder case could not be tried in the court of law because he was under age, a juvenile. The cruelty of crime had to be over-looked in his case and he was sent to correction home with a hope to reform him.  Do you think that a man who committed "rarest of rare" crimes should be considered a juvenile because of his biological age?  Read more on UC We-Media.......

Book Exchange Meet - A Bibliophile's Dream Came True Here

The Sunday morning of 21st May 2017 was the usual quiet type and peculiarly hot by Indore standards except for a select few. As the citizens of the city casually followed their Sunday routines and flocked the Poha stalls, there was a group of people who were looking forward to something else other than the Indori breakfast. They had gathered for a book exchange meet organized by JustStoryTeller and Kaffeinated Konversations. 

#RIP Reema Lagoo

The beloved bollywood actress who palyed mother to many superstars passed away at early hours of 18 May 2017. She has left a void in the industry which no-one can fill. Read more on UC We-Media

Noose is Not the Answer

When Darwin coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”, little did he know that it is going to acquire a completely new meaning in the 21st century? We are living in difficult times. Being average or even above average is not sufficient. Everybody is expected to be extra-ordinary. Everybody and everything is being measured on the same parameters of success and failures. And our education system is no different.

#ChangeTheRecipe Add Some Imperfection

Once upon a time, there was a Super-Mom. She could do everything perfectly- manage work and home, cook delicious meals every day, look spectacular even at oddest hours and always had a smile on her face. Her biryanis were always yummy, her Punjabi chole could beat any 5-star menu and her sambhar never went too spicy or too sweet…….OK, wake up now. The dream is over.

Saluting the General #Mothers' Day

After a tiresome day at work, it was a quick fix dinner as I looked forward to turning in early. Kiddo was surprisingly helpful that day and helped me clear the table. So as a token of appreciation for his good behavior, I decided to treat him with hot chocolate. I could also use a dose of some chocolaty goodness. So hot chocolate it was, for both of us while watching Tom and Jerry on TV.

Interview- Neil D'Silva- The Man Behind the Scary Stories

It is difficult to imagine that an adorable gentleman with a child-like innocence on his face writes horror stories like Maya’s new husband and Pishacha. It’s only when he speaks with complete command of the subject (and many more things) that you put your doubts to rest.

Travel Back in Time to Deal with Ban on Polythene bags

The directive to ban polythene bags in prominent cities of the state of Madhya Pradesh from 1st May (which has now been delayed for a few days) has been having mixed reactions from the citizens. We have become so used to this all-purpose material that imagining daily chores without polythene is extremely difficult. Right from the basic vegetables, milk etc. to almost every conceivable commodity is packed and parcelled in plastic bags.

Inner Beauty- Time to Come Out and Rule #Changemakers

Other than the unbearable heat-wave across the country, India is also facing a “ban-wave”. Every day the citizens are waking up to a new ban on something. Keeping up with this new trend, one more ban should be introduced. A ban that society desperately needs today-“ban on beauty standards” of any sorts. Read More on UC We-Media .......