Book Exchange Meet - A Bibliophile's Dream Came True Here

The Sunday morning of 21st May 2017 was the usual quiet type and peculiarly hot by Indore standards except for a select few. As the citizens of the city casually followed their Sunday routines and flocked the Poha stalls, there was a group of people who were looking forward to something else other than the Indori breakfast. They had gathered for a book exchange meet organized by JustStoryTeller and Kaffeinated Konversations. 

Differentiated by age, gender and professions but brought together by thier love for books, these enthusiastic readers had found time from their busy schedules and overcome the Sunday slumber to do something they were passionate about. Each one of them was carrying books which were exchanged with fellow members. The owner of the book lovingly introduced the each book he or she had brought and soon it had multiple takers. The excitement of having found yet another treasure to read was visible on every face. The conversation primarily focused on books and authors.

Kaffeinated Konversations and JustStoryteller, brainchild of Kavita Singh and Manish Dhane respectively, is a group dedicated to all things about reading and writing. With an aim to encourage the hobby, they organize various events to bring together like minded people over a cup of coffee and a few strokes of pen. Silent book reading sessions, book exchange meet, impromptu storytelling sessions and story writing on photo prompt are just some ways in which these people are slowly but surely contributing to the city’s legacy and culture.

The group is consistently growing since its inception and is always looking for participants who wish to follow their passion of reading and writing. Follow them on social media to find out about upcoming activities and be a part of some exciting events.


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