#ChangeTheRecipe Add Some Imperfection

Once upon a time, there was a Super-Mom. She could do everything perfectly- manage work and home, cook delicious meals every day, look spectacular even at oddest hours and always had a smile on her face. Her biryanis were always yummy, her Punjabi chole could beat any 5-star menu and her sambhar never went too spicy or too sweet…….OK, wake up now. The dream is over.
This super-mom exists only in the fairy tales of our dreams. No real woman can be perfect, not even your mother. She has imperfections and that is what makes her unique. Tata Sampann celebrates this uniqueness of imperfection in their latest innovative campaign #ChangeTheRecipe. 

For centuries, women have been measured on unreal parameters of perfection. There has been hardly any scope for individuality. In fact, being different is often perceived as being imperfect or even inferior. However, the women are now breaking this notion of perfection and embracing their distinctiveness confidently and unabashedly in every realm of life. Even in the kitchen, which is considered a woman’s forte, she is experimenting. Her food is no longer theory-book perfect but reflects her exclusive style. She is tweaking her grandma’s recipe of the perfect biryani and adding her unique special touch. Her chicken masala does not taste like her mother’s and her pav-bhaji tastes different than her sister-in-laws. What’s the big deal?

Women today are independent and strong. They are conscious of what’s best for their family and want tasty but healthy food on their plates. They are experimenting with ingredients and techniques to decide what suits them the best. Not every experiment yields good results but that does not deter them from trying again. That’s what makes her special.

#ChangeTheRecipe concept encourages women to shun the age-old notions of flawlessness and celebrate their uniqueness. It encourages testing with various recipes to churn out your signature dish and even learning what does not work with the recipe. It innovatively and strongly emphasizes that the woman of today faces the minute challenges without succumbing to the pressures that come with being a “perfect mother”.

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