70 years- Too Young to be Perfect?


In a couple of days, India completes its 70 years of being independent. 70 years is a long time and the country has come a long way since 15th August 1947. From being a poverty-stricken nation holding on desperately to its rich culture to sustain, to being one of the super powers of the world today, She has seen pretty much everything. More than a couple of wars and an intermittent pseudo-war both at the border and within during these years have put her at constant risk. But She continues to strive ahead. There are mistakes being made, there are battles being lost but then she is only 70 years. Isn’t it too young for a country to be perfect?

It is easy to point out mistakes or rule out verdicts. It is even easier to criticize and condemn. Population explosion, poverty, crime rate, corruption, racism etc. are often portrayed as characteristics of India. Globally, India primarily has a two images-one, of the progressive society that resides in vast mansions of posh metros and the other, of the regressive class that resides in over-crowded filthy colonies dying by the dozens daily to hygiene related diseases. Depending on the global platform, one of these images is picked to represent India. The Cannes has a different India, the shimmering one while the World Bank may see a different India, an impoverished one may be. The story within the country is not too different. We chose to conveniently pick whichever image we deem perfect for the situation. Why does this happen? Because we lack a perfect image of the country that can be exhibited proudly anytime and anywhere. And why is that? Because we are still far from perfect? 

A lot has changed in 70 years. And still nothing has changed. We are still making mistakes. We are still looking for the right way to do things. We are seeking help and we are introspecting. We are being judged, like always. But now we have learnt to not pay heed and keep moving ahead. After all, a country with 125 billion different opinions cannot be perfect in just 70 years. Or can it be?

As the country celebrates its independence, it’s time to give her a pat on the back and a nudge to move ahead with double the zeal. It’s time to realize that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from those mistakes and keep working towards the perfect version of India. She is just 70. Too young to be perfect! Isn’t she?


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