Friday, 27 October 2017

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Newspaper – #FridayFotoFiction Oct 27- Nov 1 Flash Fiction Writing

20 is the number of years they were friends for. Infinite time in these last few years he had proclaimed him as his true friend although the frequency dwindled as he started his steep upward journey to be the business tycoon with a worth of a few million dollars. “I like being friends with you. You are never jealous of my money or fame”, he said once to his writer friend who was always lost in his world of words.

A sharp pang of a fire like emotion rose in his heart as he opened the newspaper today. “Young Debutant nominated for the coveted Booker Prize”, read the headlines.


This fiction is inspired by the photo prompt and written for
#FridayFotoFiction Oct 27- Nov 1 Flash Fiction hosted by 

Tina Basu

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