Guest post for Novemberschild #BlogLove

Those who blog have their reasons to do it. Some like to write and share their work, some like to help and guide people by sharing their expertize. Some also say that it is therapeutic. For a few others, it is about making money. However, one reason that is common to all of them is that blogging connects you to wonderful people from across the world. Even if you haven't met them in person, they become a part of your blogging life. You help out each other when you are stuck and they pull you out. You take inspiration from each other and celebrate the milestones together. 

Romila is one such blogger I have come to know. I admire her not only for her writing skills but also for her dedication to blogging. I am yet to meet somebody who has such immaculate planning skills and perseverance. Her love for blogging and bangles is palpable. 

Romila's blog recently achieved a stupendous achievement of 5 lakh hits.And she decided to celebrate it in a wonderful way with some of the fellow bloggers by inviting them to guest blog. It was lovely being a part of this celebration . 

Click on the link below to read my contribution :

20s is a wonderful age. Life is carefree and the enormity of LIFE has not yet dawned upon most of us. As soon as you take a turn from 20 to 30, a huge wave of wisdom hits you in the face. 30+ is a funny age bracket. There are some phenomenal changes happening in a woman’s body…no, not the one you are thinking. I am referring to the perception of the world towards you. Click here or on the link above to read the 5 hilarious but true changes that happen to you when you cross the age-mark.



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