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Genie in a capsule - Vitamin E #Evion

When in 20s, your skin has a shining glow that hardly needs any makeup. Your hair is healthy and vibrant. But when you cross the age-mark of 30, natural deterioration of cells starts and its first signs are visible on your skin and hair. As you close towards 40s, the signs become prominent. I was no different to this rule of nature. 

The radiant skin of 20s gave way to the dry and dull skin on the face and hands. Sunburns made it worse. My face had blemishes all over and dark spots that made me look sick all the time. I started applying expensive creams and moisturizers that promised results in a fortnight but nothing seemed to work. My once long and lustrous tresses were also in dire state. Thyroid imbalance made the matters worse and I started losing hair. So much so, that I had to cut them very short. My friends suggested some chemical and cosmetic treatments but I realized that they will only work superficially on the symptom. I needed something that worked on the core problem and repaired the damage from deep within. That is when I got a suggestion from an aunt that involved Evion Supplements. 

She suggested that I start a dose #Evion 400 mg capsules once a day for at least 3 months. #Evion is a vitamin E supplement that treats the lack of the vital ingredient in the body. Vitamin E is the natural purifier in our body. It is an anti-oxidant that repairs cell damage in the body caused due to various reasons. Though it is naturally found in plant-based foods such as oils, grains and some fruits, it needs to be supplemented as we age or undergo certain medical issues. Vitamin E is also known to protect the body from toxins caused due to air pollution and other harmful substances in the environment. 

My Daily Dose of #Evion

#Evion really did wonders for me. The blemishes on my skin started disappearing and hair loss was controlled within a week. My aunt gave me an interesting tip too. Other than eating a tablet a day, she also suggested that I cut open the capsule and use the liquid within to massage my hair along with oil. This brought back the lost sheen in my hair and the result was visible almost immediately. I used the liquid on my skin too and it helped me get rid of my sunburns. I have never ever seen such instant and prominent results with any of the cosmetic products. I find myself recommending it to friends and family quite often now. 

This post is written for the #IndiBlogger campaign #TheABCofVitaminE. Please consult your doctor in case of any pre-existing medical conditions. Over-use of Vitamin supplements are known to cause some malfunctions in the body.


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