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Book Fairies are here!!

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Do you believe in fairies? If not, your opinion is about to change today. Because some fairies are all set to bestow the “Book magic” on Indore. If you are at Café O2 De La Ville today, look out for free books dropped by book fairies.

Who are book fairies and what do they do?

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With a sole aim to encouraging reading and sharing some book love, book fairies drop free books at popular public places. The books are distinguished by the unique “Book Fairies” sticker. So anybody can pick it up read and then leave it anywhere for the next person to read. The book fairies are not restricted by any boundaries or languages. Any body can be a book fairy by registering on the website and ordering for book fairies stickers.

So if there is a literature festival happening in Indore, book fairies cant be far? Can they? We get a feeling that they have already come and waiting eagerly to drop a lot of books today at the festival. So be there at Café O De La Ville for the fabulous event and pick up the books.

Coffee with Authors and Artists- The Immersive Project is an annual event by Kaffeinated Konversations with an objective to bring artists and art lovers on the same platform. Coffee with Authors and Artists is this year’s format of the Immersive Project to be held on 28 & 29th April at Indore. There will be workshops, book signing, panel discussions and movie screening.

The event is for the registered participants only. Spot registrations available.

For more information and tickets to the event, check out the social media handles or comment below.
Dates: April 28-29 (Sat - Sun)
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Venue: O2 Cafe De La Ville, 23/ 2c new palasia , Near Apna Sweets, Indore
Tickets start at 350/- INR (includes food and welcome kit)
Ticket payment options:
e- Ticket links:
Other payment options:
Paytm: 9926012324
Whatsapp payment: 9926012324

Kolorpencil is proud to be the official blogging partner of The Immersive Project 2018.


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