Tuesday, 10 April 2018

In the name of #BookLove- Happy Birthday Kaffeinated Konversations

If you like reading, you will probably agree with me that it isn’t a very social hobby. You can’t read in a party or a social gathering after all, can you? Given a choice, we would like to stay in our rooms for days at a stretch with a book(s) to keep us company. We are often ridiculed for being anti-social or even crazy. Nobody understands the joy of reading and the whims of a bibliophile. Except the equally crazy people who think there is a parallel, even better, world in books. Like the folks of Kaffeinated Konversations, the book club of Indore. 

KK folks understand very well that reading is not only a hobby. It is a passion. From Harry Potter to Jane Austen, the love is eternal. We read to live….we live to read. They understand that it is ok to talk about fictional characters like they were real. They know the urge of buying “just one more book” from the book fair. They agree that you can cut down on the budget of clothes or even food to accommodate the monthly book quota. KK folks know that it is more fun to read a book in a bed than go out on a new year’s eve. They understand that people can sit in a room reading a book silently and still call it a day well spent. For them, libraries are more sacred than temples. The smell of the pages of an old hard cover is more scintillating than any fragrance that comes in a bottle. “For the love of reading” is the mantra they live by. 

KK celebrates its second anniversary today. And that gives us one more reason to buy a new book. Wishing all the folks of KK - a very happy anniversary. May you find many more books to love in the year ahead.

Kaffeinated Konversations, founded by Kavita Singh, is a community of book lovers, writers and other artists. The community has members from all over the world who participate in exchange of creative thoughts over watsapp group and social media. The members also meet up often and have interesting events and discussions around books.

P.S. The Immersive Project is a literature festival hosted by KK. It is a platform to meet like-minded readers and artists and indulge in conversations around art and literature. The event, this year shall bring together an array of artists, authors, bloggers, story tellers and other performers in a 2-day extravaganza. For more info and ticket to the event, check out the social media handles or comment below.        

Share your #BookLove. Share the crazy things you do for #books. To what extent have you gone or will you go for the love of good books.

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