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Sponsors and Partners - Coffee with Authors and Artists

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

When Kaffeinated Konversations started its journey a couple of years back, there weren’t many who realized that community would grow at this pace. A thought of having an event about books or literature seemed too far-fetched then. But that did not deter them. Like-minded people came together and the community grew. People started noticing and joining in various forms. 

The Immersive Project is an annual event by Kaffeinated Konversations with an objective to bring artists and art lovers on the same platform. Coffee with Authors and Artists is this year’s format of the Immersive Project to be held on 28 & 29th April at Indore. The event boasts of some renowned authors/artists who will interact with the audience through various programs during the event. 

The event is also made special by the host of partners and associates who have contributed in various ways. They not only deserve a special mention but also heartfelt gratitude.

JustStoryTeller – Just Story Teller, founded by Manish Dhane is a unique platform for artists and performers to showcase their talent. Khamkha, an open mic event, promoted by JST has been garnering praise since its launch a few months back. JST is the co-sponsor of the Coffee with Authors and Artists.

O2 Cafe De La Ville-Our venue partner for the event, Café O2 De La Ville, is an upscale multi-cuisine restaurant popular with the young folk of the city. It is known not only for its fusion food but also for its artistic interiors that include a mini library. 

Best Western Plus- Best Western Plus, our hospitality Partner, is a 4-star hotel in the heart of the city. With 102 rooms and all convenience amenities, Best Western Plus is a much favoured stay option for business and personal visits.

Your Bulk SMS- Our sponsor, Your Bulk SMS, is a leading bulk SMS service provider based out of Indore. Backed by advanced technology and a dedicated team to reach the target audience throughout the country, Your BulK SMS has been constantly growing since its inception.

BookSom- Based out of Pune, BookSom offers a wide variety of creatively designed merchandise for the book lovers. Their “bookish stuff” is a great choice for gifting and personal use. BookSom is our gifts sponsor for the event.

Ankh- Ankh, the gifts sponsor of TIP 2018, offers a unique range of hand painted mini canvas paintings. These ultra-cool paintings are the new trend with the young and the trendy who like to keep it light and simple. 

Vishal Dhaygude Photography- To capture the special moments of the event, TIP 2018 has Vishal Dhaygude photography and academy of Indore as production partner. 

Corridor Seven- Our special gift partner, Corridor Seven, aims to bring coffee to the fore front of this tea-loving country. With a talented founder and a Q-grader, Corridor Seven is making the aromatic cup of coffee even more delightful. 

Half Baked Beans- Half Baked Beans is associated with TIP 2018 as a gift sponsor. HBB is a leading publishing house and offers end to end publishing solutions for authors. 

The event is for the registered participants only.

For more information and tickets to the event, check out the social media handles or comment below.

Dates: April 28-29 (Sat - Sun)
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Venue: O2 Cafe De La Ville, 23/ 2c new palasia , Near Apna Sweets, Indore

Tickets start at 350/- INR (includes food and welcome kit)

Ticket payment options:

e- Ticket links:

Other payment options:
Paytm: 9926012324
Whatsapp payment: 9926012324

Kolorpencil is proud to be the official blogging partner of The Immersive Project 2018.


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