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Cabin Monologue

I feel nice. I spoke to my friend after a long time. I don’t understand why he distanced himself over the last few years. We were so close in college. We also got a job in the same company. Both of us worked hard to get where we are today. Our means were different, so were our expectations from our position. Of course, I love my family but I wanted to enjoy the benefits that came with my powerful position. He didn’t agree with me. I guess that was the reason he stopped talking to me. I was really happy to talk to him today but then he started the same old nonsense. What does he mean that it will blow in my face? That I should change? Times are changing, he said. I wanted to shout back at him that nothing has changed and it never will. 

I am in the business of give and take. You give me what I want and take away what you want. What’s wrong in that? You don’t like my proposal; you are free to walk away. But then, don’t hold me responsible for your losses. Like that stupid girl from accounts department. She was pretty and wore modern dresses. Skirts and sheer blouses. But it turned out that only her clothes were modern not her approach towards life. All I wanted was a kiss. But she said no. I had no remorse screwing her appraisal. I heard she has left the job. Who cares? There were and are plenty out there.

That young engineer few years back. Got the job on her merit. She was talented but she didn’t know that it takes more than just talent to succeed. I thought she was sending me signals when she stayed back alone in the office to work and agreed when I offered to drop her back so many times. What did she mean that she was just being polite? And she didn’t have to over-react. All I did was rub her thigh. What did she gain by going to the HR and complaining about me? She thought they were going to listen to a new joinee and take action against a VP of the company. 

My favourite was that ferocious young woman who came in on Chairman’s recommendation. I am sure it was more than her glowing career accomplishments that made that recommendation happen. She worked hard. I guess she had an ailing husband to take care of. She had applied for some HR loans also I guess. Well, I offered her more than that. She refused. She was strong and fought back fiercely. I heard she went to the Chairman and told him everything. She got herself transferred to another office. All I got was a call to be careful.

I wish these women understood the basic give and take. Haven’t I made sure that they benefit. I have given out of turn promotions to so many when they agreed to our little deal. I have never been thrifty with gifts too. Stupid girls! They should understand that this is how it works. Nothing will change. If nobody believed them then, who is going to believe them today. And what proof do they have today. I can always retaliate by saying that these women want publicity because of my position. These women will always be judged by both men and women. I will go ahead and tell them they agreed to this and benefitted equally. Or I can always deny everything and get my lawyer to send away defamation cases against them. No amount of #MeToo can change this ugly tradition till the time people out there who believe that these are just sob stories. 

“Please send that new intern to my cabin”. I can’t stop smiling. 

I stand by every #MeToo story.


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