Cross Connection is not a book

Yes, you read that right. Cross Connection is not a book. Or, let me rephrase that. Cross Connection is not just a book. It is much more than that. It is a feeling I have lived for last so many years. It is a testimonial of the love of two completely opposite people who decided to come together. It is a tribute to their families with completely different cultures who came together and celebrated this bond of love. It is an ovation to the challenges that these two people and their families faced while adjusting with each other and came closer. And it is a promise that in spite of everything, this cross connection will only grow stronger.

In a relationship, one can choose to find happiness or one can keep crying over the faults. We chose the former. No relationship is devoid of shortcomings. But when you decide to look beyond those tiny fault lines, that you find your cross connection. Our story was no different. We came from different backgrounds, cultures and geographies. Small differences in our mundane tasks reflected how different we were. No day went without one of us saying, “Oh….but that’s now how WE do it.” But in spite of all the differences, there was something common between us. Our belief; that beyond the differences lays the unending love and happiness everyone craves for.

The decision to write Cross Connection was fuelled by my desire to bring out the beauty of amalgamation of two wonderful cultures and customs. And how could I leave out the people? Marriages do not just bring two people together, they bind two families. Our cross connection was special because of these people. From minimalistic food culture to a culture that celebrates food, it was a transition I have loved. 

My Cross Connection was special in many ways. It was not flawless and that it was made it more beautiful. On this day of love, I wish you find your cross connection and cherish it lovingly.

Pssst....Have you read Cross Connection?


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