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Book Review- The Tuscan Child

  There are books that shake you up. There are some which make you anxious or steer up some strong emotions. And then there are books which calm your nerves, make you smile and give you a good night’s sleep. I am not sure if the author intended that effect with this book, but The Tuscan Child fell into the last category for me. I read it slowly, sometimes only one page at a time. Initially, it was due to a paucity of time but then I realized that this is how I am going to enjoy it. There are many reasons for that. The book oscillates between two timelines; 1944 and 1973. During the second world war, a British air force pilot crashes his plane and lands in Tuscany, a faraway village somewhere in Italy. He is badly injured and runs the risk of being discovered by the Germans. Although he hopes that he would be treated fairly as a prisoner of war, he acknowledges that he might be tortured and eventually killed if captured. A woman named Sofia finds this injured Pilot and nurses him back