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“Having an opinion is my birth right and I will exercise it.”

Nonetheless, I clarify that is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are my own. And If I have a bad opinion about something, it does not make that thing bad. It’s just that I didn’t like it. The reverse is also true. I do not intend to offend anybody.

I take care to give due credit to the original source of the important stuff used in my blog posts. However, there may be stuff/images whose original source is not easily traceable or are downloaded from Google. I do not lay any claim to any of those images.

Feel free to praise me and let me know that I am doing a good job here. You are also, absolutely free to disagree with me and let me know that in comments sections. But I also have the right to moderate comments that are abusive or rude so please try and keep it civil.

Book Reviews Policy

Books are close to my heart and I write about them a lot. I review books that I choose randomly or are offered by authors/websites or any other resource. However, the reviews are honest irrespective of the source of procurement.

In case, you wish to offer a book for review, please get in touch with me through the “contact us” page. I do not charge for book reviews but I wouldn’t mind an author signed copy for my personal collection.

                                                          Affiliate Programs Policy

There are certain ads and affiliate links on the blog. I may earn something when you click on these ads and links or buy through the links. These earnings are necessary to keep the engines running.


Popular posts from this blog

The Rose Bouquet

When the doorbell rang at 2 PM, Ashima wanted to ignore it. She wasn’t interested in entertaining friends who often turned up unannounced and overstayed their welcome. She had realized that she had become a “close friend” to many since she acquired her fully furnished 2BHK. The friendly infringement round the clock was becoming extremely uncomfortable and tiring for her. So her first reaction to the unannounced guest at the door was not unfair. She wanted to send a message. But by the third bell, she realized this “friend” probably did not understand the subtle message and needed a stronger to-the-face message.

Cabin Monologue

I feel nice. I spoke to my friend after a long time. I don’t understand why he distanced himself over the last few years. We were so close in college. We also got a job in the same company. Both of us worked hard to get where we are today. Our means were different, so were our expectations from our position. Of course, I love my family but I wanted to enjoy the benefits that came with my powerful position. He didn’t agree with me. I guess that was the reason he stopped talking to me. I was really happy to talk to him today but then he started the same old nonsense. What does he mean that it will blow in my face? That I should change? Times are changing, he said. I wanted to shout back at him that nothing has changed and it never will.

#TrueBeauty- Glow of grit and endurance

Every morning at around 10 AM, my house fills with melodious humming interrupted by frequent giggles. Sometimes there is a bang of a utensil being dropped on the floor or the thump of cushions being patted against each other. At times, a mother’s voice is heard as she lovingly rebukes her 4 year old to not take touch delicate cutlery and to watch TV from a distance. This voice that I have become used to since last four years belongs to my maid who comes twice a day to do the standard chores. She hums to herself as she does the daily chores of cleaning, dusting and washing.